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CBS numerical releases

CBS 1977: The sound of silence / We’ve got a groovey thing goin’
(In UK released with no. 201977)
Holland            Italy                      France
Italy                 Germany
CBS 2045: Homeward bound / Leaves that are green
(In UK released with no. 202045)
CBS 2285: The dangling conversation / The big bright green pleasure machine
CBS 2303: Flowers never bend with the rainfall / I am a rock
(In UK released with no. 202303 ; I am a rock on side A)
CBS 2378: A hazy shade of winter / For Emily,whenever I may find her
CBS 2493: Seven O’ clock News/Silent night / Go tell it on the mountain
CBS 2608: At the zoo / 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ groovy)
CBS 2626: A simple desultory philippic / The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ groovy)
CBS 2649: At the zoo / Patterns
CBS 2911: Fakin’ it / You don’ t know where your interest lies
Germany             Holland
CBS 3317: Scarborough fair / April come she will
France                  Holland

CBS 3443: Mrs. Robinson / Old Friends/Bookends
Holland               Holland (2nd release?)

CBS 3612: The sound of silence / I am rock
CBS 3685: The sound of silence / ? (unconfirmed release)
CBS 3696: Homeward bound / The sound of silence
CBS 4162: The boxer / Baby driver
Holland Front & Back               Norway / Denmark   Lebanon (Cover printed in Germany) Front & Label
CBS 4790: Bridge over troubled water / Keep the customer satisfied
 Holland Front & Back                          Germany      Norway / Denmark          Italy                 Brasil
CBS 4895: El condor pasa /Why don’t you write me
CBS 4913: Cecilia / ? (unconfirmed release)
CBS 4916: Cecilia / The only living boy in New York
CBS 5000: Cecilia / So long, Frank Lloyd Wright
CBS 8336: America / For Emily, whenever I may find her
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