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Bell Records


I was wondering if anyone ever has seen a copy of Big Records # 621 with the famous ‘Baby Talk’ song? I guess not. The single probably never was released at all. Big Records was probably allready down in 1959, when this is said to have been released. Was it an origional Tom & Jerry recording? Yes, but a demo. Tom & Jerry, but most of all Jerry did a lot of demo-ing for publishers and songwriters. With the result in hand a publisher tried to sell the song to other, more famous, artist like Jan & Dean. ‘Baby Talk’ was most likely one of the demos that survived. Later Sid Prosen, owner of Big Records, also tried to gain in on the success of Simon & Garfunkel in 1966. He offered the Tom & Jerry recordings he still owned to Pickwick International for an album with early Simon & Garfunkel material. An album which we all know now as ‘ Simon & Garfunkel ‘ on Allegro 836, Pickwick PC 3059 (mono and stereo) and Sears 435 (mono and stereo). And ‘Baby Talk’? It was released on Bell Records # 120.


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