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Sounds of Silence LP Covers


Back covers:


The backcover came with Paul and Art phorographed in a winter-like surrounding. Art was carrying a copy of the music magazine Tiger Beat in his pocket and on the 3rd picture in his hand. Tiger Beat was opposed to this and the magazine had to be ‘photo-shopped’-way. Which you can see here done on picture 3.
The French CBS release had a totally different backcover. No pictures of the artist, but short translations of the lyrics and advertisemnts of available EP’s.

Hello world!

Hello, this another blog about the recording career of Simon & Garfunkel. From the early days up ’till now….what has been released by Simon & Garfunkel on record labels like:

Big Records

If you have (additional) info, do not hesitate to let me know!

Oh yes:
the official title of the first hit single of Simon & Garfunkelwas/ is ‘ The sound of silence’. Most of the times it was written as ‘ The sounds of silence’ or even ‘ Sounds of silence’ (like the album title). On this blog I use  the correctly spelled title: ‘  The sound of silence  ‘